Our Clients are happiest when we create simple, cost-effective solutions and deliver them on time.

We enjoy solving sticky problems and providing pleasant surprises.

Smart software provides solutions even when the problems are very sticky.

NeuStyle: where IT/Tech companies go for IT/tech help.

NeuStyle: where advanced businesses go for IT/tech help.

About NeuStyle Software & Systems Corporation

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We provide customized and personalized software solutions, covering projects [from small to large] and creating enterprise portals to organize your entire business.

  • Software Solutions

    Enterprise portals

    Full architecture & engineered projects

    Automation innovations - manufacturing efficiencies

    CRM customization & time management tools

    Data Cleansing

  • System Solutions

    Servers, networks, & data centre services

    Proactive Monitoring - vital signs, troubleshooting, & remote maintenance

    Full hardware, software, & network audits, plans & back-up

    On-call and programmed maintenance

    Trouble free integration of 'off-the-shelf' upgrades

Meet The Experts

Jack Baker

Jack Baker

Founder, CTO

Technical problems energize me. They always have, they always will. For me, problems present tests I feel compelled to pass ... and often the solutions are much more simple than anticipated.

Jim Bruin

Jim bruin

Sr. Software Specialist

A programming veteran. Software involves problem solving then transferring that solution to code. I always create simple, intuitive and effective solutions over adequate solutions.

Francisco Granados

Francisco Granados

Software Specialist

I look forward to variety. I enjoy working with different types of clients, a range of technologies and integrating different types of packaged software.

David Kisielewski

David Kisielewski

Systems Specialist

I am inspired by the ability to provide solutions to a variety of our clients’ technical problems. I enjoy being able to help people become comfortable with different technologies.

Rick Baker

Rick Baker


I help business leaders achieve their goals in two areas: building leadership-team focus & harmony and creating amazing tools to help people gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Robin Astley

Robin Astley

Office Master

A meticulous work-process expert. People perform better when routine tasks and processes are clarified and simplified. My day passes quickly when I am helping people create quality results.

Jeff Leasa

Jeff Leasa

Business Development

An energetic business developer. Tech developments provide many exciting ways to build business value. I look forward to sharing new ideas and helping people receive that value.

Bob - CCO


Chief Carpet Officer

A fellow committed to finding better paths. Our role model: tireless devotion, overcoming obstacles, working in solitude despite dull lighting. And, he doesn’t interrupt developers like that other nit-picker.

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