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Jack Baker, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Founder

I have always been energized by technical problems. When presented with a problem, my goal is to find a simple, effective solution that will deliver value over the long term.

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Rick Baker, P.Eng., ICD.D


I help business leaders achieve their goals in two areas: building leadership team focus and harmony, and creating amazing tools to help people gain and maintain competitive advantage.

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Robin Maunder

Office Master

I am a meticulous work-process expert, who believes that people perform better when routine tasks and processes are clarified and simplified. My day passes quickly when I am helping people deliver quality results.

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Jim Bruin

Sr. Software Specialist

I am a software programming veteran specializing in problem solving and then transferring solutions to code. I always create simple, intuitive, and effective fixes to business challenges.


Darko Turkalj

Sr. Software Specialist

I believe in continuous improvement. I enjoy learning new skills to increase my knowledge and effectiveness within software design and development and to transfer this value to clients.

Wesley Landriault

Sr. Software Specialist

My passion is developing game-changing technology that bring about meaningful change for those who use it. I love planning and building solutions for people that get at the heart of the issue, and overall makes life a little better for our users.

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Steve Silveira

Tier 2 IT Support

In my role as IT support, I strive to be focused on the needs of others. My positive approach to addressing issues ensures that positive results will follow.


John Paul McKessock

Tier 2 IT Support

I am passionate about delivering solutions to all our clients in a seamless, efficient and compassionate manner.  I believe in a personalized approach to meet the unique needs of each individual client, and aim to provide the highest quality IT service possible.


Kyle O’Halloran

Tier 2 IT Support

I’m a lifelong learner, always happy to learn something new. I have a passion for free and open source software, and tend to use it to solve unique problems. I love to teach others, and love to share knowledge as much as learn it.

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Chief Carpet Officer

Bob is committed to finding better paths. He is our role model: tirelessly devoted, overcomes any obstacle in his path, and works in solitude despite dull lighting. Also, he doesn’t interrupt developers like that other nit-picker.

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