If you are looking to drive innovation in your industry, you may see opportunities for automation, integration, and efficiency that don’t exist yet in the marketplace.

You have an idea. You know how to solve a problem — but you don’t have the technical background to implement the solution. That’s where we enter the picture.

At NeuStyle, we understand that a properly-built, custom solution can help a business gain a sustainable, long-term advantage over its competitors — and we’re committed to making your project a success.

Our experienced team of senior software specialists have designed and developed a wide range of software solutions for a variety of industries — you can read our case studies here.

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Our Solutions | Custom Software Development

When solving business challenges, it’s important to look at things from different angles.

Some situations will require you to step back and examine the big picture to see how a specific set of challenges can be solved across an entire business — or an entire industry.  At other times, you’ll need to drill down to understand the minutiae of specific, sticky problems.

At NeuStyle, we engineer software solutions for a variety of business challenges, from enterprise-level workflow, to individual business processes and functions, to sticky problems.

Custom software development can include:

custom software automation

Enterprise Portals

If your business is looking to eliminate redundancies and improve the overall efficiency of your team, an enterprise portal is a great solution. Enterprise portals are designed to streamline workflow within an organization by aggregating different business systems and simplifying communication between them.

An enterprise portal will provide a centralized platform to allow your business to boost profitability and scalability in the long term.

Find out how NeuStyle can help you develop a custom enterprise portal to address the specific challenges faced by your business.

custom software enterprise portal development

Business Process Automation

Automating key processes for your team can greatly reduce the time that your team spends on repetitive tasks. Every business department will have certain core processes that are essential to its operations, from accounting to human resources, to production, to sales and marketing.

Software tools such as CRMs, inventory management systems, and accounting software can be difficult to fully integrate.  Automating the flow of information between system is often an ongoing challenge.

If you are looking for an automation solution that does not exist on the market, we can help you build a custom solution that will fit the specific needs of your business.

custom software sticky problems

Sticky Problems

Sticky problems are often caused by the complications of real-world applications, when your software project moves from the prototype phase into initial testing. In these situations, it can be difficult to identify what variable is causing a problem.

A sticky problem can be a laser measurement device on an assembly line, which fails under high speeds and high volumes. It can be a type of custom GPS tracking software, which provides information on the location and status of a fleet of vehicles.

Whatever the situation, our team of senior software specialists can find a creative solution to your sticky problem.

Iterative Software Development Process

At NeuStyle, we use an iterative process for software development. This approach allows our team to have a high-degree of flexibility and removes many inefficiencies present in traditional models of development.

Iterative development breaks the process down into smaller cycles, allowing developers to collaborate more closely with the client, respond immediately to feedback or clarification of product requirements, and make incremental changes over time.

Prior to the launch of a project, our team will go through the following phases of process flow:

Scope & Requirement Identification

During a software project, the client is involved in each of the development stages, although some phases will require less participation than others. The Scoping & Requirement Identification phase involves a significant amount of collaboration, in order to ensure that we understand your goals, your expectations, and your vision for the product.

Architecture & Design

As we move into the Architecture & Design phase of the project, our team will create a product definition to translate the project into a working plan.

Development & Internal Testing

During Development & Internal Testing, we will develop an initial version of your software, then conduct internal peer reviews and other testing to ensure the product meets your guidelines and passes our own quality standards.

Delivery & Client Testing

Your team will have the opportunity to conduct its own user testing and submit requests for final enhancements, during Delivery & Client Testing. For the final launch of the project, you will be supplied with complete software documentation, user manuals, and user training for your team.

Our software specialists are available to provide ongoing support with regular troubleshooting, bug fixes, and future enhancements for your custom software, as requested. Please feel free to contact our team for more information on our development process.

NeuStyle’s leaders have P.Eng designation and we embrace engineering ethics. When we quote a price we will deliver on budget.