Enterprise Portal Development

Is your team wasting valuable time and resources entering information in multiple systems? Do you have problems transferring information between your systems and difficulty automating communication within your organization?

If you’re looking to eliminate redundancies and improve the overall efficiency of your team, an enterprise portal is a great solution. Enterprise portals are designed to streamline workflow within an organization, by aggregating different business systems and simplifying communication between them.

An enterprise portal will provide a centralized platform to allow your business to improve profitability and scalability in the long-term. Many organizations will choose to license existing enterprise platforms, but this option will not work for everyone, for a couple of key reasons:


You may be unable to find an out-of-the-box solution that offers the necessary functionality for your applications. If you’ve tested PeopleSoft, SharePoint, or other major vendors and you find that they’re not doing what you need, it may be time to look elsewhere.


As an evolving business, you may want to have an enterprise portal to integrate your business systems. However, you may also be unable to afford the licensing fees for the major platforms on the market.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, don’t worry — we can help with a solution.

Build a Custom Enterprise Portal

At NeuStyle, we help our clients develop custom enterprise portals to address specific challenges faced by their business.

We know that a properly-built custom solution can help a business gain a sustainable, long-term advantage over its competitors — and we’re committed to making your project a success.

If you are looking to build an enterprise resource that does not exist in your industry, we can help you expand on the initial concept, design prototypes, and development of the final product.

Our experienced team of senior software specialists have designed and developed a wide range of software solutions for a variety of industries — you can read our case studies here.

Our Technologies

At NeuStyle, our senior software specialists use a wide range of technologies and programming languages in our custom software development process, including:

Start building an enterprise portal for your business today.

NeuStyle’s leaders have P.Eng designation and we embrace engineering ethics. When we quote a price we will deliver on budget.