Sticky Problems

Is your software the bottleneck?

As your business tries to charge forward, the software you use can often hold you back.

Your business model is sound, and you know there are opportunities to grow, however, the software you are using prevents you from thriving.

We call these Sticky Problems – when an off-the-shelf solution is limiting your growth or your former software developer has failed to deliver, you have encountered a sticky problem. We know you want to prove that the problem can be solved, and we are here to help.

If you want help solving a sticky problem, contact us today.

Resolve Sticky Problems with Your Software

At NeuStyle, the stickier the problem, the better. Our developers are at their best when they can get their hands dirty, solving problems that others would consider impossible. If the idea of a sticky problem resonates with you then you have come to the right place.

Our experienced team of senior software specialists have developed creative solutions to a wide variety of software-related problems — you can read our case studies here.

Our Technologies

At NeuStyle, our senior software specialists use a wide range of technologies and programming languages in our custom software development process, including:

Solve the sticky problems that are holding your business back.

NeuStyle’s leaders have P.Eng designation and we embrace engineering ethics. When we quote a price we will deliver on budget.