Sticky Problems

Are you trying to solve a specific, sticky problem for your business? Is this problem related to a software application, such as a piece of automation or an integration between systems?

Sticky problems are often caused by the complications of real-world applications, when you move from a prototype phase into initial testing. In these situations, it can be difficult to identify what variable is causing the problem to stick.

A sticky problem can be a laser measurement device on an assembly line, which fails under high speeds and high volumes of data. It can be a type of custom GPS tracking software, which provides information on the location and status of a fleet of vehicles.

Whatever the situation, we can bring an outside perspective and review your issue with a fresh set of eyes. Our team will find a creative solution to your sticky problem and help you implement the changes necessary to make it work.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, don’t worry — we can help with a solution.

Resolve Sticky Problems with Your Software

At NeuStyle, we help our clients to resolve specific, sticky problems with existing software or to develop new software solutions to fit their requirements. If you find yourself unable to move forward with a project or a piece of software, we can help you identify existing problems and implement concrete solutions.

Our experienced team of senior software specialists have developed creative solutions to a wide variety of software-related problems — you can read our case studies here.

Our Technologies

At NeuStyle, our senior software specialists use a wide range of technologies and programming languages in our custom software development process, including:

Solve the sticky problems that are holding your business back.

NeuStyle’s leaders have P.Eng designation and we embrace engineering ethics. When we quote a price we will deliver on budget.