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Bringing effective and affordable solutions to evolving businesses.

Each year, cybersecurity risks are increasing for businesses. As more industries adopt emerging technologies, IT systems are being exposed to cyber attacks in new and unanticipated ways.

The constant evolution of cybercrime makes it essential for businesses to review their protection on a regular basis, find ways to mitigate risks, protect their systems, and secure their data.

At NeuStyle, we create cybersecurity solutions to fit the needs of your evolving business. Our solutions are designed to encourage scalability — we want to build long-term partnerships with growing companies and create IT systems with the ability to change alongside them.

We are passionate about making new technologies accessible. We have taken the advanced strategies used by governments and financial institutions and made them affordable for small-to-medium businesses.

Our Cybersecurity Services

Build a comprehensive cybersecurity plan for your organization today. Our experienced team can deliver a wide range of services, including:

Server Protection Solutions

Protect your on-premises and cloud servers from advanced cybersecurity threats. Our server solutions offer security and risk mitigation for your business, using trusted tools like Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics and Advanced Threat Protection and our own proprietary processes.

If your data is being stored in the cloud then security is your responsibility. Cloud providers do not offer security for data on their servers. Our experienced team can help with the configuration of existing servers, migration to new servers, and provide architecture and engineering for your systems.

Cybersecurity Audits

Cybersecurity audits allow you to discover the gaps and vulnerabilities in your current IT system by challenging existing security protocols. Our audits will help you identify and quantify risks and make informed decisions to mitigate them going forward.

Our team can evaluate your cybersecurity in a number of different ways, using risk assessments, policy assessments, Red Team, Blue Team, and Purple Team tactics, and more. After conducting your audit, we will provide you with detailed recommendations for improving your security.

Network Monitoring Solutions

Enhance your security with monthly monitoring from our experienced cybersecurity team. Our experts will keep a watchful eye on your system, track network performance metrics, respond to problems, and provide you with detailed reporting.

Network monitoring allows you to ensure proper cybersecurity and improve threat response around the clock. We use skilled human interventions to deal with threats in real-time and mitigate the risks to your business.

Device Solutions

If you want to maximize cybersecurity for your business, it’s essential to consider protection for your users’ endpoints devices. Internet-capable devices, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals and represent a major risk for businesses.

Our device solutions can build a comprehensive security framework for your business. Our team can provide assistance with third-party software tools for device management and protection, or virtually eliminate cyber intrusion using our proprietary, virtualization-based process for Hardened Surfaces.

Big Data Solutions

Big data analysis is a powerful tool that can be easily leveraged to identify cybersecurity threats in your IT systems, allowing you to spot malware or viruses that have bypassed your frontline defenses.

Big data solutions like Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph (ISG), are able to gather information from million of threats observed worldwide and apply these findings in real-time to protect your business.

Common Cybersecurity Problems for Businesses

Did you know that nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses? Cybercrime is a growing problem for businesses, with the global investment in information security systems expected to grow from $86.4 billion to $93 billion in 2018 and exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Modern businesses must be prepared to deal with a wide range of different cybersecurity problems today, including phishing attacks, denial of service attacks, a variety of malware and ransomware, policy compliance, and much more.

These problems may be caused by external actors, such as cyber criminals or hacktivists, but the initial breaches are often rooted internally due to poor security protocols, untrained employees, or faulty security systems.

At NeuStyle, we believe that it is important to understand the challenges facing your business’s cybersecurity and find ways to effectively mitigate your risks. The following are some of the most common cybersecurity problems for businesses today:

Criminal Activity

Criminal activity can create cybersecurity problems for business on a number of different levels. Attackers can range from script kiddies, to hacktivists, to petty thieves, to organized crime — and the attack’s level of sophistication will vary depending on the agent.

The goal of most criminal activity online is data theft, targeting information stored in your business’s servers or your users’ devices. Attacks may include different types of malware, such as ransomware that locks or encrypts your device, spear phishing emails, and more.

If you want to keep your business’s data secure, it is important to put security systems in place that are capable of identifying advanced persistent threats. If you’re worried about cybercrime targeting your business, our team can help you safeguard against fraud, hacktivism, and data theft.

Outage & Downtime

Outage and downtime for your business is often caused by Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. While the loss of revenue for a business can be damaging, the denial of services attacks may also serve as a distraction for other types of cybercrime.

Denial of services attacks will flood a targeted network or resource with requests for service, in order to overwhelm your system and cause it to shut down. These types of attacks will use botnets to send synchronized requests to your system. Recent attacks have also begun to increasingly target IoT (Internet of Things devices), due to their vulnerability.

A variety of defense techniques exist to ensure that your system is protected against a denial of service attack. At NeuStyle, we can implement defenses, including real-time monitoring to identify and flag illegitimate traffic, and we can expertly configure your security systems to safeguard against future attacks.

Error & Malfeasance

Simple human error is frequently the case of cybersecurity problems for businesses. Human errors can cause accidental data loss or data corruption, and can also lead to cybercrime. One of the most common points of entry for cyber attacks are unpatched software programs that have already identified vulnerabilities.

The WannaCry ransomware attacks are a great example. These attacks used a known exploit of Windows’ Server Message Block (SMB) to attack thousands of unpatched computers around the world. Properly patched software has saved countless companies from cyber attacks.

Malfeasance can also be an issue for companies who need to comply with specific industry or government regulations. It is vital that you are aware of your legal obligations to protect third-party data, disclose breaches, and more.

In the case of both error and malfeasance, it is essential to have a proper set of policies, practices, and procedures to govern your IT systems and cybersecurity. At NeuStyle, we can assist with policy assessments and help you put these safeguards into place.

Develop a cybersecurity plan for your business today.