Cybersecurity Audits

Discover risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities in your current cybersecurity.

At NeuStyle, our cybersecurity audits are designed to investigate and challenge your existing security protocols in order to discover risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities present in your infrastructure. Once the audit is complete, our team will provide feasible recommendations to address any security concerns.

We will employ a combination of risk assessments, policy assessments, and penetration testing to evaluate your IT systems. Our team uses a variety of Red Team, Blue Team, and Purple Team approaches to help you gain a complete picture of your current security posture.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

When addressing the cybersecurity risks, network and data security monitoring are key requirements.

A risk assessment from NeuStyle will allow your team to Identify and quantify the cybersecurity risks to your business and make informed decisions to balance the risks vs. the benefits.

On-Premises Network Security

Our on-premises network security package uses Red Team testing to expertly assess your system for any vulnerabilities, configuration gaps, or security compliance deficits, using tools like Tenable, Kali, and NeuStyle proprietary software.

Our team will leverage big data to access information on the latest cyber threats and apply these insights to protect your business.

An in-depth report will outline our findings and provide recommendation for strategic improvements to your network security.

Hybrid Network Security

The biggest vulnerability for most businesses is not the on-premises network — it is the cloud. Cloud providers operate using a shared responsibility model that places the onus on businesses to protect themselves, but the average business owner is either unaware of this or underestimates the risks.

Our hybrid network security package provides value by assessing both on-premises and cloud security postures with Red Team testing. We also assist with the expert configuration of software tools such as Microsoft 365, which may be exploited by cyber attackers as a point of entry.

Our report will identifies vulnerabilities, gaps, or compliance deficits, and provide recommendations for improving both on-premises and cloud network security.

Data Security

Our data security packages use Blue Team solutions to implement the results of Red Team testing and assessments. Each solution is designed and deployed to address your business’ unique needs, while accommodating your budget.

Data security solutions will improve the security posture of your business, prevent threats from penetrating your network, enhance employee experience, and reduce system administration workload.

Our range of defense solutions for cybersecurity and data security include:

  • Cloud Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Network Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Data Security Solutions
  • Hardened Surfaces
  • And more

Cybersecurity Policy Assessment

Did you know that the Government of Canada’s amendments to the Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) will make it mandatory for businesses to notify clients in the case of a data breach and uphold new record-keeping requirements, as of 2018?

Ongoing changes in government policy have created new legislative, risk management, and insurance requirements for small-to-medium businesses, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity.

A policy assessment from NeuStyle will review your current IT policies, practices, and procedures, and then provide expert recommendations that cover strategic, high-level improvements, and tactical, operating-level modifications.

We can complement this service by further developing your IT policies, practices, and procedures. The cost of this additional development varies depending on the services requested.

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Penetration Testing

Put your IT systems to the test. Penetration testing will help to identify the vulnerabilities of your IT system and the risks to your business.

After receiving your written permission, our Red Team will simulate a cyber attack on your business, mimicking the behaviour and tactics of a sophisticated cyber criminal.

Trust is essential for this exercise. Your systems and your data will not be damaged in the process of penetration testing.

After the attack, we will provide you with an in-depth report that outlines the damage that could have been done in a real attack. We will also provide you with recommendations for cybersecurity improvement and a cost/benefit analysis of mitigating various risks for your business.

Emergency Damage Control

If you have been targeted by a cyber attack, it is important to act fast. You may not know what has been compromised or understand the extent of the security breach.

At NeuStyle, we can provide Emergency Damage Control as a response service that will put out the fires and secure both your data and your network.

Contact us immediately if you require emergency damage control.

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