Device Solutions

Increase your cybersecurity by protecting your users’ endpoint devices.

If you want to maximize cybersecurity for your business, it’s essential to consider protection for your users’ endpoints devices.

An endpoint device is an internet capable device that is accessed directly by a user, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Endpoints are where your data is accessed and where credentials are entered — as a result, they are often targeted by cyber attackers as a point of intrusion.

Our device solutions synergize with server protection to provide a comprehensive security framework for your business. Our experienced team specializes in the installation, configuration, and deployment of tools for mobile device management and protection, such as Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection.

We also offer a proprietary process for Hardened Surfaces that virtually eliminates the possibility of cyber intrusion on mobile devices. Learn more about our device solutions below.

Get improved protection for your user’s endpoint devices.

Hardened Surfaces

Hardened Surfaces are mobile devices that have been configured for maximum security. At NeuStyle, we use a proprietary process to harden devices for your business, reducing your exposure to threats such as malware or viruses.

Hardening is a high-level architecture that uses virtualization within Windows 10 to virtually eliminate the possibility of cyber intrusion. A Hardened Surface will ensure that exploit files cannot be executed and corrupt files cannot compromise the domain.

The most popular device for hardening is the Microsoft Surface, although other endpoint devices can be hardened as well. It is also possible to provide a dual set-up, which splits your device into hardened and open configurations.

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Mobile Device Management

Did you know that smartphones and other mobile devices have become prime targets for cyber attackers? Many businesses will ignore the security of mobile devices, despite the risks. It’s time to consider mobile device protection for your business.

Mobile device management allows your devices to easily communicate with your business’ security protocol, so you can protect data, improve productivity, and avoid situations where user privacy is compromised. You can also manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) situations with minimal disruption to a user’s device.

At NeuStyle, we use Microsoft software tools and NeuStyle proprietary processes to ensure complete security and privacy for your mobile devices, smartphones, and more.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)*

Find out when you are being attacked, how it is happening, and gain the ability to trace who is attacking you. Protect your business from unknown malware and viruses on an ongoing basis.

Advanced Threat Protection is a Microsoft security solution that leverages big data analytics to provide protection, detection, and response for data stored on cloud-based resources. It offers real-time tracking of advanced persistent threats, with rich reporting and URL trace capabilities.

At NeuStyle, we partner with Microsoft to provide expert installation, configuration, and deployment of cybersecurity software tools, including ATP and others.

*In order to qualify for this service, you must own your own server.

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