Server Protection Solutions

Protect your on-premises and cloud servers from advanced cybersecurity threats.

At NeuStyle, our server protection solutions offer security and risk mitigation for both on-premises and cloud servers. We can help with the configuration of existing servers, migration to new servers, or provide architecture and engineering for your systems.

Our experienced team specializes in the high-level configuration of software and systems, using both third-party tools and NeuStyle proprietary processes. In particular, we partner with Microsoft to install and configure their cybersecurity software tools, including Advanced Threat Analytics, Advanced Threat Protection, and Advanced Threat Protection 365.

Protect Your Business’ Information

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Secure Cloud Configuration & Migration

Many businesses assume that once their data is stored in the cloud, it is safe and secure. This is a false assumption — most cloud providers do not take responsibility for your cybersecurity.

If you are storing your business’ data in a cloud solution, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, you need to take extra steps to ensure its security.

At NeuStyle, we provide affordable security solutions for the cloud. We can help you expertly configure an existing cloud, assist with migration to a new cloud solution, or provide ongoing monitoring for cloud-based resources.

anagement, and insurance requirements for small-to-medium businesses, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity.

A policy assessment from NeuStyle will review your current IT policies, practices, and procedures, and then provide expert recommendations that cover strategic, high-level improvements, and tactical, operating-level modifications.

We can complement this service by further developing your IT policies, practices, and procedures. The cost of this additional development varies depending on the services requested.

Secure System Architecture & Engineering

Businesses require increasingly sophisticated networks to avoid exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Expertly-configured IT architecture, engineered routing, and switching are essential to network security. Unfortunately, most providers make deploying these systems prohibitively expensive for small-to-medium businesses.

We believe that entrepreneurs should have access to affordable connectivity and security — and we’re committed to delivering solutions that provide a foundation for future scalability.

Microsoft Security Solutions

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

Did you know that many cyber attacks can persist undetected in your local network, without the right type of detection software?

Advanced Threat Analytics is a Microsoft enterprise security solution that leverages big data and machine learning to protect credentials and detect when attackers are present in your network. This real-time identification of threats allows you to react quickly and reduce your security risks.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) | Advanced Threat Protection 365 (ATP 365)

Did you know that when you store data in a Microsoft cloud, it is your responsibility to protect it? If you use cloud-based platforms, such as Azure or Office 365, it is essential to have a cybersecurity solution to detect attacks.

Advanced Threat Protection is a Microsoft security solution that leverages big data analytics to provide protection, detection, and response for data stored on cloud-based resources. It offers real-time tracking of advanced persistent threats, with rich reporting, and URL trace capabilities.

Improve the security of your on-premises and cloud-based servers.