The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat recently established standards for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This is part of an effort by the Government of Canada to establish Digital Standards, which will be crucial for our nation’s future.

Simply put, everything requires software. Every product, service, piece of infrastructure, or communications platform was either build using software, relies of software for its existence, or both.

The better the software, the better the results. Defining terms like “better” and “results” requires standards and software developers who meet these standards.

Beyond Professional Engineering standards, NeuStyle Software implements Engineering Design to develop purposeful, collaborative, and iterative solutions to client problems.

A software development team that meets standards will be critical to satisfy project requirements and industry-specific regulations.

A software development team that exceeds standards will unlock the potential of digital solutions to transform your business.

With APIs embedded into our custom software development, cyber intelligence, and data centre solutions, NeuStyle looks forward to more robust digital standards.