The Client’s Challenge:

“Our company was faced with a range of IT risks. We knew about these risks and we saw them as necessary evils that were tied to our line of work. We knew that we must face them if we wanted to continue pursuing our current goals.”

Before this client started working with NeuStyle, they were not managing their IT risks. They were unable to identify or quantify all of their cybersecurity risks and they had no plans in place to remove, mitigate, or respond to these risks.

The Solution:

NeuStyle became a trusted advisor and helped the company to create an IT policy. The new IT policy was able to identify and quantify the company’s risks — including, but not limited to, cybersecurity risks.

The company was able to measure the costs and probabilities tied to various types of cyber risks. They put action plans in place to remove major risks, mitigate material risks, and respond to damages arising from potential risks.

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