Mobile Workforce

With Mobile Workforce, NeuStyle ensures your employees are able to work productively, collaboratively, and securely, regardless of location.

  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Security

Be prepared for any challenge.

At NeuStyle Software & Systems, we have decades of experience developing software applications and IT systems that enable mobile workforces to be productive, conduct business securely, and communicate effectively.

NeuStyle Resilient Mobile Workforce is built on the three pillars of Communication, Productivity, and Security:


  • Email, Chat, Videoconferencing
  • Remote IT Support
  • File sharing and storage
  • Voice-over-IP


  • Full suite of Microsoft Office applications
  • Remote monitoring tools
  • Collaboration platform for workgroups, organizations, and external partners
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery planning


  • Virtual Private Network
  • Anti-Virus Support
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • DNS Protection

Build the IT tools your business needs to survive and thrive.


As your organization moves toward remote work, consider the following.

  • How will your employees share ideas while working from dozens of different locations, separated by hundreds of kilometres?
  • How will your salespeople close deals without visiting prospects?
  • Who will your employees call if their computers crash and they are quarantined at home?
  • How can teams collaborate on projects without meeting in-person?
  • How will your phone system work if direct lines are tied your (now empty) offices?


With a geographically dispersed staff, ensure your can maintain productivity and profitability.

  • Are your core business applications accessible outside of the office?
  • How would you onboard a new employee who is working remotely?
  • How can managers monitor employee activity?
  • Are your files backed up, or merely saved on each employee’s desktop?
  • What would an hour of network downtime cost your organization?


Cybersecurity presents a new set of threats and challenges for remote workforces.

  • Is home-based internet use bringing computer viruses onto your employees’ computers?
  • How many additional people now have access to your computers, servers, and network?
  • Are the connections employees make to your network from home secure?
  • How secure are your login procedures and passwords?
  • Are you blocking threats at the DNS-level with the sudden increase in IP addresses?

Whether your organization is in need of a complete mobility solution or you simply want to supplement and fortify what you have built, we are here to help.

NeuStyle’s leaders have P.Eng designation and we embrace engineering ethics. When we quote a price we will deliver on budget.